Böning Automations

Attica, is the Official Partnership one of the best automation companies on the mega yachts division around the world,

Over the last 20 years, more than 15.000 vessels equipped with Böning devices are put into operation. Approx. 12.000 of these vessels (mainly super-yachts and commercial ships) are powered by high-speed diesel engines of a very famous German engine manufacturer.

Thus, 6 up to 16 Böning devices are currently installed on each of those vessels, depending on the type of the ship. They work as alarm- propulsion- or security system for engines.

Since April 2013, Boning no longer deliver the devices as original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but under the name of Böning. Besides the engine electronics, many ships are as well set up with general alarm- and control systems of Böning aboard. Regardless of the installed engine, there are a multitude of super-yachts and commercial ships operating with Böning technology.

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